TrafficSafetySuppliers.com is wholly owned by SC Supply Company, Inc. of South Bend, Indiana.  Traffic Safety Suppliers specializes in the distribution and sale of traffic safety equipment and related devices.

In order to better serve it's long established customer base, as well as the steady stream of new customers,Traffic Safety Suppliers was developed to more rapidly serve the needs of Federal, State and Municiple buying agents, as well as representatives major corporations, small businesses and individual customers. 

The goal in developing Traffic Safety Suppliers is to provide customers with greater pricing transparency such that cost and time ineffective RFQ and RFP processes could be minimized or eliminated.

Traffic Safety Suppliers goes a step further, ensuring rapid order processing and fullfillment from multiple warehouses nationwide. This approach serves to reduce customer costs and speeds the delivery and fulfillment cycle as never before. 

Call Toll Free at 1-800-640-1843 to speak with a Traffic Safety Suppliers customer representative now to meet the objectives of your home, business or municiple safety needs.